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疾病預防控制中心實驗室建設之PCR 實驗室基本要求

2014/9/25 8:16:01      點擊:

1.1.1 PCR 實驗室基本要求

2.1 PCR 實驗室依據所使用的方法可分為試劑準備、標本制備、擴增、產物分析等三或四個區域。只是使用實時熒光PCR儀、HIV病毒載量測定儀的PCR實驗室,有上述前面三個區域即可。各區域應完全獨立分隔,不應有任何的空氣直通。

Based on the methods used by PCR lab, the PCR laboratory can be divided into three or four rooms or areas for (i) reagent preparation, (ii) sample preparation, (iii) amplification area, and (iv) product analysis area. If the PCR laboratory only uses real-time fluorescence PCR instruments and /or instruments for HIV virus load, the PCR lab may have only the first three rooms or areas (reagent preparation, sample preparation, amplification). The rooms or areas of the PCR lab should be independently separated, and there is no air flow through the separated rooms or areas.


For PCR product analysis area or last area of three areas (area for amplification and product analysis), direction of air flow shall be from outside to inside of the area by setting up fume hood, exhaust fan or other exhaust system in the area.

2.3 PCR實驗室各區域儀器設備配備通常如下:

The equipment configuration for PCR labs are as follows:

試劑準備區: Reagent preparation area


The main equipment here should be: pipette, refrigerator, balance, low speed centrifuge, vortex mixer, mobile UV lamp, etc. It can use Laminar flow cabinet for the reagent preparation.

標本制備區sample preparation area

儀器設備主要應有生物安全柜(最好為B2, 可避免提取核酸在柜內反復循環,造成標本間交叉污染,出現假陽性結果。此外還應配備加樣器、臺式高速離心機(冷凍及常溫)、臺式低速離心機、恒溫設備(水浴和/或干浴儀)、冰箱、混勻器和可移動紫外燈等。

The main equipment is the bio-safety cabinet (type B2 is better, because it can avoid recycling of nucleic acid cabinet and cross contamination of specimens). Besides, it shall be equipped with pipettes, centrifuge table high speed (refrigerated and normal temperature), centrifuge table low speed, constant temperature devices (water bath or dry bath), refrigerator, vortex mixer and mobile lamp UV etc.

擴增區amplification area


The main equipment here is a thermal cycler system for nucleic acid amplification (PCR, quantitative fluorescence detection or common). Power for the thermal cycler shall be provided with a manostat or a UPS to avoid the influence on PCR amplification arose by fluctuation of voltage. Moreover, depending on the work demand, the amplification area could be equipped with pipette, ultra clean cabinet, etc.

產物分析區:PCR product analysis area


The equipment here may be pipette, electrophoresis system capillary, transblot system, chest/ oven molecule hybridization, water bath, DNA sequencer, microplate-reader for ELISA, microplate washer and so on.



In an optimal situation, for three rooms (reagent preparation, sample preparation, amplification) of the PCR lab one buffer area could be set up. The pressure in the buffer area should be positive to assure the indoor air could not flow to outside and the outside air could not flow to the inside. 

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